Enaval signed in June 06 th 2017, more one agreement of tank inspections and agreement, in Bahia – Brazil. Its customer is Petrobras, as UO – BA. The contract is about the performance of the tanks maintenance and inspection services of the floating stage TQ 3105.05 – 01 at the Industrial Park – Recife, in the city of Pojuca – BA. There will be one team in two industrial parks (Recife and São Sebastião) in a period of 12 months (6 in each park), according to the contract term.

Enaval shall provide the tanks cleaning and degassing services; sheets replacement; dismantling, pre-manufacturing and re-assembling of the structure; replacement of internal heaters; galvanic anodes replacements; valves install and uninstall; recovery of the containment basin and concrete ring; surface treatment and painting; scaffolding assembly and dismantling; fixed ceiling lift replacement; replacement of tank draining base; tank tonnage; and more. The bottom plates inspections will be provided by the TBIT (Tank Bottom Inspection Tool), using a high resolution tool of Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL). In the end of the project, it will be provided the tanks tonnage, which consists in determining the volumetric capacity of reservoirs used for the storage of products with the issuance of a Tonnage Certificate. It is the INMETRO’s and the State Metrological Organs’ assignment to issue this Certificate, in order to meet legal requirements, informing the characteristics of the tonnage tank and its validity period.