In September 6 th , 2016, Enaval signed with Petrobras, the contract to provide the Adequacy Services of Route 1 on Mussel Platform (PMXL-1). Attending to the signing ceremony, there were the president of Enaval, Amauri Rodrigues and the other members of the Board: José Sgura, Elizeu Costa, Marcos Brandão e Adriano Rodrigues; the project manager Antônio Costanza and the contract manager Andreia Leal. As representatives of Petrobras, there were Ademar Itakussu, Everton Rabelo, Waldemir Terra, Jurandir Silva, Sérgio Luiz Mendonça, Ivan Garcia, Carlos Eduardo Carvalho and Dalton Rubens. The hired services require partial goods supply and engineering, building, assembly dismantling, integration, commissioning, start-up and assisted operation services to the Route 1 Project, including painting recovery of the Mussel Platform (PMXL-1) of the Exploration and Production Operation Unity (UO) – BS, installed in Bacia de Campos. PMXL-1 was initially designed to produce the non-associated gas from the Mussel’s field. In 2006, the project was adapted to receive the gas exported by FPSO Cidade de Santos, which outflows the production from the Tambaú and Uruguái fields. The Mussel Platform was built in the end of 2009 with a structure of 227 meters high and was installed in Bacia de Santos, around 145km far from the coast of São Paulo state on a 172 meters water depth.