On April 27 th the kick-off was given to another Enaval project, signed with Petrobras Netherlands B.V. – PNBV. It is about the provision of 12 final accommodation modules to the FPSO (XXXXX) P-74, P-75, P-76 and P-77, three for each.

It is Enaval’s responsibility to provide the execution of engineering, manufacturing and assembling services, including the provision of all the goods and equipment to the modules building.
The contract deadline for the project delivery is 210 business days from the starting date. Nine modules shall be delivered in Rio Grande do Sul state and three in Paraná state. For the sake of logistics, Enaval determined that the modules constructions will be built in Rio Grande do Sul, in the city of XXXXX, where the fabrication of the structure will be outsourced to a local supplier and Enaval will provide all the architecture and equipment install services and other systems, as well as insulation and painting services. Before the delivery to the customer, Enaval shall provide the services of VAC, hydraulic, electrical, telecommunications and security systems, including salvage and fire fighting.