In March, 2016, Enaval launched itself into a new market with the signature of the
Contract with Petrobras to provide technical inspection and maintenance services in
Static Units and Equipment Operation, as well as to provide the Construction and
Assembly at the Cabiúnas Terminal – Gas Transfer Unit of the Bacias de Campos and
The first challenge was the Assisted Operation of the URL-210 for maintenance,
planning, provision, design, scaffolding projects, service scheduling, mobilization of
direct and indirect labor, materials, equipment and tools, according to AS 001 and
Regulatory Standard NR-13.
The services of the contract are: installation and removal of valves; rackets and spools;
inspections and tests of LP, PM, RX, equipment, acoustic emission and iris; hydrostatic
and pneumatic tests; treatment and painting; cold and hot insulation; field machining;
valves maintenance, LGs; and “back puffing” test, commonly known as “blow”.
The URL-210 equipment that have suffered maintenance are: two ovens, two filters,
seven exchangers, eight pressure vessels (two of them with removal and storage of
110m³ of ceramic filling); besides, there were also a mobilization of several outsourced
in a very short time period (13 days), giving all support to the CONTRACTOR at the
Plant depressurizing and pressurizing.
The first Assisted Operation Gas Transfer Unit of Enaval’s history has been
successfully concluded with deadline, quality and safety.
After this milestone, Enaval concluded more 33 AS and seven are still in progress.